-Motorcycle insurance

Spring is here and you have waited all winter to finally get on your motorcycle. At last, some fresh air and freedom on the country roads.

Even before your first trip however, it is important to check your insurance coverage. Depending on the type of motorcycle you own, of its value or of use you make of it, we will be able to offer you the best coverage so that you may ride with peace of mind.

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Pleasure craft insurance

Our beautiful province is the perfect place to enjoy water activities: the multiplicity of lakes of all sizes and our St-Lawrence River, a perfect gateway to the Atlantic coast.

You’ve purchased the ideal boat and you are ready to sail? However, have you checked your insurance coverage? Of course, you may be able to get insurance coverage for your boat along with your home insurer, but not all insurers are authorized to provide specific coverage to adequately protect you in case of emergencies. In fact, if you own a boat of certain value, of a certain type or a certain length, it is strongly recommended and often required to do business with a specialized insurer.

As insurance brokers, we have access to the best specialized insurers in Quebec and we are able to offer protection that exactly matches your needs, and this, at very competitive prices.

We can offer you specific insurance policies for most types of boats including the following examples:

  • Fishing boats, house boats
  • Jet or performance, and racing boats
  • Watercrafts or jet skis
  • Pontoon boats
  • Sailboats
  • Motorboats
  • Water-skiing boats
  • Yachts

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Recreational vehicle insurance (Trailers, Campers, Motor homes)

The freedom to explore new landscapes with your RV! You ride at your own pace and stop when you wish to do so. No need to unload your luggage at a hotel since they ride with you!

When you leave on an adventure, the only thing that matters to you is to have peacefulness so that you can enjoy every minute of that trip you have been planning for so long. That is why we have personalized insurance solutions for you.

You are more of a sedentary type and own a stationary trailer? We can also offer protection that will exactly match your needs.

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-Insurance off-road vehicles and snowmobiles

Casting off for adventure on an all-terrain vehicle or on a snowmobile, your little pleasure for the weekend! What beautiful trails and magnificent rivers in our province!

You have invested significantly in the purchase of your vehicle and want to be well protected in case of disaster.

You may have obtained coverage for your vehicle under your own auto insurance, but is it adequate? Some auto insurers may not offer you the coverage you need, or charge expensive premiums. This is where we can help. We do business with expert insurers for insurance of all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles. In addition to offering a range of essential protections, they offer very competitive premiums.


– Travel Insurance

Accidents, illnesses can happen so quickly when you are abroad. You would not want to be caught off guard and have to pay enormous expenses to get treatment.

We are able to provide the insurance protection for you to travel with peace of mind and help you make the most of this trip so dearly deserved.