Upscale home insurance

You own a high-value home, a unique condominium overlooking the river, or live in a luxury apartment furnished with refinement? We can suggest insurance products that perfectly fit your needs and your expectations.

Home Insurance has clear benefits for you:


Evaluation at the expense of the insurer *

It is important that your residence benefits from the skills of a professional assessor recommended by the insurer. The assessor will note the particularities of the house and calculate what it would cost to rebuild it. Furthermore, he will advise you on security methods to prevent fires and thefts. (This benefit is available from several of our insurers).

Guaranteed replacement cost of the building*

For instance, if you decide to rebuild following a fire that has completely destroyed your home and the amount of coverage for your building is not sufficient, under certain conditions, the insurer may exceed the amount of coverage agreed on your policy.

Non-obligation to replace the building and / or contents*

You do not want to replace or rebuild? A cash settlement may be possible. You are also free to rebuild in another location or accept an equivalent amount. (This benefit is available in some of our insurers).

Great capacities to protect your items of value*

Our expert insurers have developed specific protections to cover all types of luxury goods such as collections of paintings, sketches, sculptures, stamps and coins collections, and antique furniture, decorative art, wine cellars, rare books, and modern objects collections.

Higher limits on civil liability *

If your civil liability limit of 2 millions seems insufficient, it is possible to offer you an additional liability policy that will cover you exceeding the limit of 2millions, all subject to the limit of this second contract.

A VIP claims processing *

If you are buying upscale-home insurance policy, it is that you expect an upscale-quality service. This is certainly what you will get with us:

  • In a claim for compensation or assistance, your case is always treated as a priority. At any time of the day or night, you could get help from your insurer and this, anywhere on the planet.
  • In certain claim circumstances, some of our insurers can even advance funds even before the claim is fully closed.

Everything is thought to make life easier!

Superior secondary home protections*

The weekend is here and you are leaving for your vacation home? Why not protect this secondary home with the same type of policy that covers your main residence?

Contact us and we will evaluate the possibilities of offering this protection.

And why not insure your vehicles with our expert insurers?*

You also want to get the best protection for your luxury car? You should know that our expert insurers in upscale-home insurance are also able to offer the same sophistication in automobile insurance.

We strongly suggest you to take your vehicle and home insurance with the same insurer. It is a winning formula and the settlement of the loss will be much easier in the event of a disaster affecting your car and your home,

Ask us, your satisfaction is our slogan! *

*These descriptions are for reference only. Each of the warranties set forth in this text is subject to various application conditions, limitations and exclusions contained in the forms. Coverage is also subject to change without notice. Please refer to your insurance forms and their modifications.