Additional coverage (endorsements)

We offer endorsements to supplement the coverage of your auto insurance policy. These can be added or removed to suit your specific needs.

See the following articles for more information on additional guarantees that we can offer you:

Protect your investment

Two categories of protections are likely to protect your investment when buying a new or used vehicle.

Replacement Cost Protection (FAQ No. 43 A to E)

This endorsement protects your new vehicle for the period specified in your contract. In the event of theft or total loss, the vehicle will be replaced, if it is not repairable, by a new one with the same characteristics. If the vehicle can be repaired without problems, this protection allows you to replace non-repairable parts with new parts.

The QOF Protection No. 5 Replacement Insurance:

On October 1, 2010, the replacement guarantee sold by dealers, has been replaced by replacement insurance. Endorsement 43 – Amendment to compensation remains in effect. If you are thinking about getting a cost-value type of protection for your vehicle, you have the choice between these two products.

As it is an insurance product, the broker, a certified and qualified expert, is the most experienced to advise you on insurance coverage for your vehicle.

The QPF endorsement No. 5 Replacement Insurance and endorsement 43E are very similar. To learn the fundamental differences, Click here; to view a comparative document prepared by the Groupement des assureurs automobiles.


Essential additional guarantees

Several endorsements can make your life easier when an accident occurs. These extra protections cost only a few dollars more and could save you a lot of trouble.

Loss of use of your vehicle. (FAQ # 20-20a)

An accident occurs and you are deprived of your vehicle? Your auto policy may provide for reimbursement of costs incurred for the rental of a vehicle and the cost of taxi or public transport during the time it takes for you to retrieve your car.

Protection for a rented or borrowed vehicle (FAQ # 27)

When using a rented or borrowed vehicle, whether it is a car, a caravan or trailer, your liability may be engaged, your auto insurer can cover the damage you cause to this vehicle.

Personal insurance (FAQ 34)

Personal insurance (FAQ 34) covers death, mutilation, and medical expenses benefits for a minimal cost to the vehicle owner, spouse and dependent children for bodily injury following a car accident.

Other interesting protections

Several other optional protections are available. Whether for travelling or storage of your vehicle, do not hesitate to contact us to get a car insurance policy according to your needs.